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Ordering Prints


I do like to create my pieces in a square format because they hang very well in two's or threes that way.

Having said that certain landscapes, seascapes and vistas do need to be in landscape orientation, especially when I have shot a Panorama or used a wide angle lens. The opposite can be said for my cityscapes where the tall buildings need to be more portrait to take in the obvious height.


In terms of size, all my prints can be ordered to any custom size you demand and are measured in centimetres. Because of the variables in sizes and different papers used I would prefer for you to contact me to discuss your exact requirements however, for the sake of giving you an idea I have created a basic

price of print only and the cost of custom framing would be an additional amount determined upon the size and frame moulding and its finish.

Limited Edition Prints


If you are an avid collector of prints I am sure you are aware that when a limited edition number of say 1/10 prints available that is how many will ever be produced, therefore if you are fortunate enough to purchase one of my low numbered Limited Editions, regardless of the number they will all increase in value over the years and become rare because of that. A great many artists and photographers print on average 25 prints or more.

My view is I would prefer to create a smaller number of pieces giving added value to my clientele. All of these prints are hand signed, titled and numbered by myself.


I have used Hannemuhl papers for many years and as one of the market leaders in fine art print papers I solely use their wonderful range. They have a vast selection of surface finishes that covers a broad spectrum for photographers and I only use the best products at all stages of my work. Whether it be the glass, the hand-painted finishes of my hand made frames and so my choice of paper demands nothing but the best too. German Etching is a favourite of mine offering a soft velvet like appearance in the colours and for my monochrome prints I select xxxxx. which emphasises the broad contrast that comes from creating black and white prints.


30 cm X 30 cm

40 cm X 40cm

50 cm X 50 cm

60 cm X 60 cm

50 cm X 50 cm

50 cm X 50 cm

50 cm X 50 cm

Pleasant Title

Shipping and Packaging 

Sending your work is individually quoted due to size, weight and destination.
I do send my work around the world by trusted couriers and here in the UK I am very careful who I use to ensure their safe arrival. My print only orders are packaged in tubes as they tend to be more secure in transit unless you request them to be boxed flat. The prints are wrapped in archival tissue paper but I like to remind you to handle the prints carefully so no finger marks are absorbed on the print. I use special cotton gloves when handling every print and examine each one that arrives from my print lab to ensure it arrives in perfect condition to you. If you have any issues please get in touch immediately so we can rectify any problems.


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