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Custom Framing

I offer a wide selection of frame mouldings but have found the simple contemporary designs work best with photography. Monochrome prints are normally with black or dark grey frames to echo the contrasts that exist with the genre of photography but white or light grey in certain instances do work too.

Here is a small example of the mouldings on offer but I am happy to send you of a wider selection or meet with you personally to discuss my bespoke framing service.

Please call me on 07931356943 or email me

to discuss your requirements.



The selection of the correct mount for me is just as important as the framing and my personal preference as a guide  to you is to have a white mount. The trend these days seems to be a deep edged mount with a white core displaying the work in a much more substantial way.


I can also offer a white mount with a black core which gives the impression of a thin black boarder around the print.

In addition there is available a black mount with a white core, both of which I suggest for monochrome prints.


There is only one glass I recommend, the non reflective variety with a UV protection layer the print not only has protection against sunlight and illuminated displays but the print looks like there is no glass at all! You want to see the print in all it's beauty without having to peer at angles to view it then this is the best product.

I only use this glass for all my bespoke framing and although it is three times more expensive than ordinary picture glass the result is unmatched for both quality and protection for the print.

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