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About Ross

Ross Van Nairn is an English fine art photographer, born in London close to the Thames, his fascination and love of water has always informed his work. Living most of his life in Richmond near Richmond Park proved an inspiring place to develop his landscape photography. He has held a number of exhibitions and one man shows and his work hangs in a number of private collections across the world. 


Ross travels extensively around the UK and abroad capturing his fine art images. Cornwall and the Lake District are but two of his favourite locations. Ross comments "I love capturing stormy seas down in Cornwall and regularly go there, observing Mother Nature’s strength and beauty in equal measures. 


The artist Turner is one of my inspirations and when I attended art school in London, Turner’s use of light and movement directed me towards creating seascapes but with my camera. 


The whole photographic process of the excitement of traveling to a new destination and sitting there observing the scene or waiting patiently for the right moment to capture a portfolio image is the buzz that spurs me on! 

                                                       ANSEL ADAMS

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